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The TDC worked diligently to gather signatures for the letter we sent to Michael Mulgrew concerning contractual demands.  

(Click on the letter's image to read)

Stand with us and be prepared to address the issues!  Know the facts.  Our goal is to persuade policy makers at the UFT, Panel for Educational Policy (PEP), and city and state Departments of Education to recognize and remediate the disappearing of Black and Latino teachers from our urban classrooms. 


  • Attend a PEP / UFT / DOE meeting or City Council Education Committee hearing armed with facts about the lack of Teacher Diversity and the disappearing of Black & Latino educators in our public school system.

  • Recognize and speak out about mayoral control being the culprit— and how during the years NYC has been subjected to this law, the decline in teacher diversity has been— and still is completely unacceptable.

Make NYC's elected officials and government appointees pay attention to the disappearing of Black & Latino teachers and put a focus on Teacher Diversity.

Use these links to contact every member of the: 

NYC City Council's Education Committee

and the 

Panel for Educational Policy (PEP)

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